Sweet Eloise

Eugenio Recuenco - green witch

Sweet Eloise by the river, under the voodoo of the southern sun.

Gathering herbs for potions hiding black orchids, sweat pouring off your glistening coca skin, like sacred gems.

The sound of swaying water and reeds in tune with insects’ songs.

Sweet Eloise, in your dress of white with the skin of lightening ebony;

How I watch thee, and to thine heartbeat it will miss, in the heat of the swampland.

Sweet Eloise what do you see with eyes of second sight as you kneel staring at the river’s edge?

Do you stare at your beauty, rippling with the water that ceaseless reflection of your witchcraft face?

Or is it me you see – with dark intentions of a black soul in purgatory –

When I come to visit you tonight under the southern moon?



I’d heard whispers of you in the place where the down and outs roam

Within the first few weeks I had wandered into town.

The Mambo princess with second sight, born of heritage of two skins;

Neither black nor white, that advised high society of calamity

And the poor indisposed alike. I hear riches of gold were given to Eloise for her powers like her beauty are great.

It is for her wealth that she has hid that I seek of her under the full moon.

I come to you sweet Eloise under the full moon.

The song of insects, the rustle of snakes and gators that prowl fill my ears with a roar as my blood pumps with intentions foul.

I come in guise like the devil; a poor soul in need of arcane advice:  a fool who has squandered his life, a vagrant, a drunk, a thief.

I come to you under your porch, decorated with snakeskin and strange plants and knock on your door, Sweet Eloise.



Eloise bids welcome and sit down spreading the Tarot before her she begins reading of the fate to arrive.

Sweet Eloise with tarot spread before her. Her beauty is rapture to behold:

With hair and eye dark as a raven, her stare like claws pierces my heart.

Is it fear I see as she reads the last two cards knowledge of my real intent?

As I cross the table place my hands upon her neck, to the left I twist, with a snap I kiss her lips and steal breath away.

Sweet Eloise your burial plot is undisturbed under the broken tree.




I with gold now leave this scene as a thief a murderer and despoiler of the late virgin sweet Eloise. A reminder of the last two cards that read: Death and The lovers – Eloise my necro-bride lays peaceful beneath the tree.


A year I have wondered these states this land and never rested or

Spent the gold with unholy intent I did take.

And now in some fugue a restless storm I have found myself back at the dilapidated porch and ruined house of the sweet Eloise.

Scene of my crime and my blasphemous rape.

But by the turning of the sun and the whispering of trees I hear her

She talks to me of secret things and of peace that waits beneath the earth and autumn leaves.

If I am to be hers then I must return to the place I dared to desecrate.

Now, after a year of turbulent nightmare so foul, I am here the loot I stole I replaced beneath the board, where it was before.



Under the southern moon I walk toward the crooked tree

That marks the resting place of sweet Eloise.

She is my bride and I am her groom and the noose I tether on

the tree above her last resting place – the wedding vowel.

Closing tearful eyes with noose around neck allow myself to swing from branch above the undisturbed ground of Eloise.

In the strangling darkness I hear the snap of my neck and the visage of Sweet Eloise as she kisses my last breath away

under the voodoo of the southern moon.

halloween hangmans noose




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