In ancient times past iniquities that modern man now knows only in memory;

Haunt the legends of horses and heroes and deities, dream’t by a long ago dead whose cities and deeds now lie in rubble and dust.

There is from one such spring comes to life:

The tale of triumph and woe of how the birth of the mighty flying horse Pegasus came into being

Who with mighty wings flew to heights and wastes that lay secret known To the God’s and their ilk alone. But to mortal men lay uncharted, a mystery unknown.


First, last and always; third of the Gorgon sisters

The youngest and the fairest born of immortals to be mortal,

Doomed for love to die for now as it is today:

The tragedy of love is always the curse that awaits beauty to wither away.

It was Poseidon deity of the waves that caused her heart to stray.

A terrible malediction put on her for disturbing the sacred labyrinth

That lay in the heart of the temple of Poseidon:

Her hair of silken weave became living knots of snakes with face so fierce and foul that those who stared with naked eye feared so horrid that their heart beat still and in a blink turned their being to a stature of stone.


Hence into this labyrinth of now desecrated temple did the

Hero known by the name of Perseus find the cursed angel Medusa – who was sleeping in her chamber surrounded by

Statuettes of Trojan and Greek warrior alike who tried to take her head and heart as prize but alas failure they met. And price required to entrance to the labyrinth in full they paid.

But Perseus was swift and quiet of foot crept upon the sleeping Medusa.

In possession of knowledge obtained in portends and dreaming visions

From the goddess Arena, of how to dispose of the daemon known as Medusa, of naked eye her image he could not stare upon, or to stone he would for eternity yield.

But with shield held high to avoid naked eye the atrocious face

He bought with one strike a curved sword with all his might on the neck

cleaving with one stroke the awful head of Medusa.

Decapitated and dead the curse of ill omen now broke.

Perseus in solitude mounted head on shield and with prize stole away into the night.


In the stygian night lit by moonlight the headless body pumped forth

Ichor black poison from the severed neck of Medusa;

Now the curse of desecration broken the spiritual union of Medusa and Poseidon took form.

Blood begat muscle begat form of a mountainous horse with head held low and wings folded down from the crimson visage of muscle did white skin of purest moon stretch completing the enchanted birth of the preternatural horse with the design of albatross wings but more powerful than any flying creature hence seen.

Throwing his head back and rearing his hind legs, with the size of two stallions and the power of ten, the creature kicked-out.

Snorting and neighing with a voice reminiscent of thunder

Telling the world of wildness of things and the triumph of good over evil.

The powerful beast took to gallop and from gallop to flight;

Those most potent wings beat the air into rhythm to announce the genesis of the legend known as Pegasus.


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  1. Kim says:

    Dear Stephen, is the beautiful picture Genesis of Pegasus subject to copyright?

    • all images I use are taken from internet sources as soon as you publish on a public forum of any kind it becomes public property. The owners have copyright to sell the original image not reproduction.

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