The egg is the symbol of the soul the snake spirals the egg: the symbol of the snake is the ring.

The ring the symbol of union; the promise of the union is the unborn child. The promise of the unborn child is the unborn fate that awaits its birth.

The color of folly is gold; the want of man from gold is greed. The mask that greed wears is gold. At midnight the dancers stop their waltz and remove their masks. Beneath the mask of gold the color of greed’s face is red. The color of red is war; war is the face of hate. Hate is the pillar of hope that is lost and can never be found. Loss is the color of blue; blue is the colour of the cloudless sky. A corpse with no sight stares at the cloudless sky reflected in them is the color of blue.

Tears form as clouds across the blue sky to drop as rain below and upon:

The children at play;

The lovers at tragedy;

The corpse with no sight;

The cities and towns in prosperity and ruin;

Pools form streams that trickle into rivers,

Rivers that flow into seas;

Seas that become waves as they enter the oceans.

Oceans that are kept in flow and ebb from the land by the spiraling dance of the moon as it revolves around the Earth.

The Earth is the symbol of the egg;

The moon is the symbol of the snake.

The want of the union between the egg and the snake is that of the creation of life.

The masquerade of life is the improbable made possible,

Between the egg and the ring.

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